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The Operation Restore Sight team is working closely with our colleagues at Dooley Intermed International in the construction of a new full-service Eye Hospital in Dhalkebar, Nepal, near the border of India.

This new facility will provide care to an estimated one hundred thousand patients per year from multiple districts in Nepal and the nearby bordering districts of India.

Our goal with this new Eye Hospital is to profoundly improve the quality of life of tens of thousands who are suffering from blindness or visual impairment.

By preventing blindness and restoring sight we also dramatically help reduce poverty.



*Team members under different organization (ISMS-ORV)


2009: Marrakech, Morocco*
2009: Marrakech, Morocco*
  • The first corneal transplants performed in Morocco
  • Establishment of the first eye bank
  • Congenital glaucoma surgery on a 6 month old girl
  • Retinal detachment surgery on a 45 year old father of four who was able to return to work
2010: Tibetan Refugee & Local Nepali Eye Camp in Pokhara, Nepal*
  • 4 day free of cost eye camp
  • Free glasses and medication
  • Surgeries at no cost
  • 550 patients screened
  • 28 sight saving surgeries
2011: Nepal National Ophthalmology Seminar
  • Collaboration with the Himalaya Eye Institute in Pokhara, Nepal
  • Fully funded seminar for local ophthalmologists from all 26 districts of Nepal
  • ORS* team members conducted an instructional program including complex surgeries, multiple surgical demonstrations and side-by-side advanced training by our USA specialists in cornea, retina, glaucoma, and uveitis
  • 915 patients screened
  • 24 sight restoring surgeries
  • 90 doctors trained
2011: “Forbidden Kingdom” of Upper Mustang, on the Border of Tibet
  • Multi week outreach expedition with village eye screening camps
  • Multiple remote villages served, surgeries performed in field hospital
  • 1557 patients screened
  • 97 sight saving surgeries
2013: Lower Mustang – An expeditionary eye project to the most remote villages in the Himalayas
  • Multi day, free of cost surgical eye camp with Dooley Intermed
  • Patients arrived on foot and by horseback
  • 617 patients screened
  • 38 sight restoring surgeries
  • 3 doctors trained
2014: Dominican Republic – Santiago de Los Caballos*
  • Team members performed laser and complex surgeries
  • Consultations with local hospital and medical school
  • Discovered new eye disease using genetic analysis to identify a COL2A mutation “Autosomal Dominant Vitreoretinopathy of the Dajabon”
  • 850 patients screened
  • 85 sight saving surgeries
2016: Upper Gorkha, Nepal, at the epicenter of the massive 2015 Nepal earthquake
  • 4 day surgical eye camp by ORS* team members in Machhakhola Village
  • All ophthalmic equipment and supplies transported by mule caravan
  • 803 patients screened
  • 71 sight saving surgeries
2017: Haridwar, Uttarakhand District – Northern India Ophthalmology Conference*
  • Cooperative project with the Hans Foundation Eye Care facility located in Haridwar, India and members of the Operation Restore Sight* team.
  • Free patient consultations and surgeries
  • Co-hosting of the 1st Northern India Ophthalmology Conference, a “knowledge exchange” symposium providing lectures on relevant ophthalmological topics followed by several days of advanced surgical instruction and demonstrations
  • Over 1000 patients screened
  • 23 complex surgeries performed
2018: Gumghadi Nepal, Eye Mission to Nepal’s most remote district
  • Multi day surgical eye camp in the most remote district of Nepal
  • Free eye examinations, refractions and sight restoring surgeries for villagers
  • Over 900 patients screened
  • 87 surgeries performed
*Operation Restore Sight (ORS) was formed in 2018, incorporated as an IRS registered non-profit in 2020, and continues to work closely with Dooley Intermed International, one of the USA’s oldest continually operating not-for-profit organizations.

Previously, team members were affiliated with another non-profit organization, Operation International (OI), and the team was known as Operation Restore Vision. Several of the projects listed above were performed by the current Operation Restore Sight team members whilst affiliated with the prior organization.

In order to expand the scope of humanitarian operations and enhance their ability to bring high-quality eye care to people around the world the team leadership ended their relationship with OI in 2018 to form Operation Restore Sight.